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Yes, coding bootcamps offer a swift route to learning code. Many employers, including major tech firms, are recruiting graduates of these bootcamps. Hence, investing in a bootcamp can significantly boost your career prospects in the tech industry.

Upon completing a coding bootcamp, you can pursue various roles such as software engineer, web developer, UI/UX designer, and full stack developer, among others. The demand for coding skills spans across different sectors, and employers are actively seeking coding bootcamp graduates.

Yes! Despite already being extremely affordable, you can get extra 10% discount if you pay for the whole bootcamp in one go instead of paying monthly.

Eazecamp stands out among bootcamps due to its affordability and flexible hybrid schedule format. Our bootcamps are priced competitively while offering a top-quality curriculum. You can learn at your own pace during the week and attend interactive online workshops led by experienced instructors. Additionally, our instructors bring real-world industry experience to the classroom, ensuring that the coursework remains highly relevant and practical.

Yes, all Eazecamp bootcamps are conducted entirely online. This approach allows us to keep costs low and pass on the savings to our students. Online learning for adults is efficient, convenient, and evolving. It enables students from anywhere to participate without the need for commuting or living near a physical campus. While we aim to group students regionally to foster a sense of community, our bootcamps are not dependent on local registrations and are not at risk of cancellation.

Immediately after registration, you'll receive a confirmation email containing the full bootcamp schedule. Bootcamps commence on Mondays, where you'll be invited to join our online learning environment. Additionally, you'll receive links to Saturday videoconference workshops and access to our online community for support. Throughout the week, you'll engage with tools and new learning materials, while Saturdays will feature 4-hour videoconference workshops with dedicated instructors and classmates.

Instructor-led workshops are scheduled both part-time and full-time. For instance, project management bootcamps feature one-hour classes from Monday to Friday, with self-paced learning on weekends. Conversely, engineering bootcamps offer live workshops on Saturdays and Sundays, with self-paced learning during the week.

We offer bootcamps for all proficiency levels, whether you're a complete novice, have some coding experience, or are advanced. Basic computer proficiency is the only expectation.

Yes, a 25-question JavaScript test is mandatory to assess coding skills. However, no test is required for Web Development Fundamentals.

Certainly! Eazecamp students receive a completion badge after each bootcamp module and a certificate upon bootcamp completion.

During bootcamps, instructors are available online throughout the week for assistance. Additionally, every Saturday, workshops provide an opportunity for live interaction with instructors and classmates, ensuring students are never left alone to tackle challenges.

Our focus is on the job skills rate, which tracks daily employment and application of coding skills. On average, 80-90% of graduates are utilizing their coding skills in employment within 6 months of completing the bootcamp.

Eazecamp's innovative approach allows us to maintain top-notch quality at an affordable price point:
Automated admissions and matching processes minimize administrative costs.
We leverage state-of-the-art tools to reduce overhead expenses.
By developing our curriculum and leveraging open-source content, we minimize licensing costs while ensuring relevance and currency of content.
Instructors, who are industry professionals, teach part-time, ensuring fair compensation without inflating costs. Our online model further reduces overhead, making quality education accessible to all.
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